Is it Possible to Gain Certainty in an Uncertain World?

Creating Your Own Economy

Today we live in a society where information is instant, where the amount of information and misinformation is so much and so fast that the facts are seldom verified but believed until proven otherwise.

There is an overload of opinion ranging on everything from past performance to future predictions.  Every warning  possible is placed in disclaimers, such as, “Past performance is no guarantee of future results”, or “these results are not typical and any reference to earnings are not to be relied upon.”

Today it may be more important than ever to eliminate the opinions and deal with principles, systems, and facts  that can be verified.  This is especially true when it deals in the world of money and financial decisions.

If you are to make a financial decision, you must realize that it has a rippling effect on all other decisions you make in the future on your assets…

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