This proposition seeks to raise the taxes on cigarette sales from $1.88 ($1 of which goes to the federal government) to $2.88 per pack of cigarette (and automatic corresponding raises in tax on other tobacco products).  The money is earmarked for cancer and tobacco-related disease research and prevention programs, law enforcement, and the creation of an administrative bureaucracy to oversee distributions.  Overall, Politomuse feels this initiative presents a solution searching for a problem and for that reason we urge a no vote.

It is hard to argue in favor of cigarette smokers and even more distasteful to find oneself siding with “big tobacco.”  Unfortunately, we feel that is what the proponents of this initiative are counting on.   This measure raises funds to be funneled into a newly created government entity called the California Cancer Research Life Sciences Innovation Trust Fund (CCRLS).  The CCRLS then has five subsidiary funds (see voter…

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