Examining one of the biggest problems in America


If there is one place you’re going to learn a lot about the background of JC and his values, it is probably here in politics. It won’t take you long to figure out which party my allegiances lie with (or who I’m voting for, for that matter). Here’s my first bit of political insight, and I’m going to rely on one of the best political commentators around, Walter Williams, to make my point.

My father has been a big influence on a lot of my views. Politics is no exception to that rule. I’m not sure how long my father has been reading Walter Williams’ blogs, but recently he began sending me one of his columns every Wednesday. Most I agree with and take a lot from, but there is one that stuck out more than most.

In an April 25 column on Townhall.com entitled Devious Taxation, Williams analyzes…

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